The chocolate pound cake lamb went wonderfully wrong. I didn’t trust the powdered cocoa and butter substitution for baking chocolate as it looked too dry so I threw in a cup or so of sour cream to lube the batter up before it hit the pan. The bonus cupcakes were fabulous so we have high hopes for the lamb cake.

It seemed to really work well in the mold with a lot of detail in the face and body showing in the cake. Compare this with the carrot cake below.

Very spongy leaving no detail. This one came from a box so I am not sure how it will taste. We have a lot of left over frosting just in case.

Frosting had begun at this stage but Anne had plans for the final presentation.

The carrot raisin lamb looks a bit like grandma’s poodle Snoopy, but it is upright and alert.

The chocolate sour cream pound cake has enough dairy to kill the lactose intolerant with a single slice, but is looking to be my favorite.

Just look at those faces! Doesn’t it make you feel like its Easter?