After creating a page about the site I realized it might be polite to mention a little more about myself.

We each are the sum of all of our days whether we are aware of them or not.  I’m not going to go into that much detail so you’ll just have to live with the fact that reading this page won’t tell the full story.   Read my stuff and you’ll learn plenty about me I’m sure including stuff I don’t know I’m saying if you are perceptive.  Still, a little background might give some context to the other stuff I post here.

I have spent most of my life in three very different geographic areas; Central Wisconsin, Southern California and now Coastal Maine.  Each has very different landscapes and weather and getting out into them has always been the happiest part of my life.

I grew up on a small dairy farm where work came before play and depending on the season there was always something that needed to be done outdoors.  Summers were long and Winters were longer, but the rolling farmland had a big sky above and my sense of wonder at being under it was born there.  We didn’t camp when I was young, too busy with work, but we had nature all around us to enjoy.  I did make several trips to the Porcupine Mts of Upper Michigan and one very memorable trip to the Bighorn Mts of Wyoming in my late teens and my love of backpacking began.

As an adult I bounced my way up through the larger cities of WI and then made a visit to Southern California.  I mailed my apt key and never looked back.  California brought mountain camping, beach camping and surf.  The camping took me from San Diego County to the inland mountains of the Angeles, Cleveland and Los Padres forests as well as some magical coastal spots never to be mentioned aloud.  The surfing took me to pretty much every break from Huntington to the Mexican border and eventually as far as Costa Rica.

Sadly work began to take up all my time as I did important things for a big company. First the surfing stopped, then the camping and then pretty much everything else in life.   Luckily the big company was nice enough to toss me aside after almost two decades since I’d already done all the important things.

Sudden freedom led to a lot of thinking and the realization that it was time to leave California behind.  The years had changed me and the place til we were no longer compatible.  My wife having never really taken to the place after moving there a few years earlier agreed and we began dreaming of our escape.  One of our dreams was living in Maine and while we laughed about it we began to make that dream come true.  Now a few years later we find ourselves living a very different life with a mortgage and a child we never could have dreamed of but love dearly.

Having had the opportunity to reinvent my life I have opted to focus on living it rather than making a living.  Getting away on trips is not always possible as a family man, but if I can’t travel far I at least try to get out under the sky for a while every day.  After years spent hidden in computer caves it is good to be out in the fresh air.  In that spirit I’ve also rekindled my love of road cycling and ride as often and as far as my schedule permits.

When I can travel I enjoy backpacking as much as possible for as long as possible and as far from other people as possible. I’ve debated becoming a licensed Maine Guide which would allow me to combine what I enjoy with making a living, but then I’d have to take people with me which might spoil the fun.  I do go with family and friends whenever possible; I’m not entirely antisocial heh.

That’s me for now.  I imagine I’ll have to update this once it no longer reflects who I am then…

TopOfSaddleFaceLone Stranger

8 thoughts on “Me

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog. I appreciate your spirit. I so look forward to exploring your grand state of Maine. I have a long walk to get there but I plan to enjoy all 5 million steps to Katahdin.

  2. Gosh, I would love to travel and send the key back just like you did when you went to California. Maybe someday…hopefully!
    Wisconsin has it’s beautiful areas, but like you said, winters are so very long, I just don’t know how many more I can tolerate.
    Thanks for giving me hope that it’s possible to escape without much planning.

  3. Greetings fellow transplant! Not sure about Coastal Maine but in the Western Mountains where I moved, if you weren’t born and raised here you are forever known as a “flatlander”. Personally I think it’s humorous as I learned to drive in the Pocono Mountains in PA. I’ve been meaning to say hi as I’ve enjoyed following your travels. Unfortunately I had, shall we say, “eye surgery done wrong” at the end of 2015. It immediately robbed me of my near vision and by April of 2016 I could no longer see the floor in my house let alone hike or snowshoe (my passions). Of course I bought cheater glasses and had to progressively get stronger ones till I hit the top. Needless to say I haven’t read much this past year. All that is about to change as I had one eye surgically corrected in Portland last week and the other one is in less than two weeks. BTW, your photos are gorgeous. I use my phone (less to carry) because I hike with my GSD so my photos pale in comparison to yours. Wonderful blog!

    • Here in Maine you are either native born or “from away” so I know what you mean. Our daughter, who was born here, hasn’t started to shun us yet thankfully 🙂

      Sorry to hear about your vision issues, but happy to hear you’ve found some relief. Hopefully you’ll soon be able to get back out there enjoying the beauty of nature. Thanks for your kind comments!

      • I was sitting in a coffee shop several years ago and saw a very senior man kick my front license plate. Walked out to ask what the problem was only to be told “this is Red Sox territory” (I have a NYY plate frame). Why was I going to do? Yell at an 80+ year old man? So I told him it may be RS territory but my car wasn’t so please don’t touch it again. Now every summer when I go into town I make a point of wearing a NYY baseball cap whenever possible. It’s my inner jerk coming into play.😜😝

  4. Lone Stranger, here is a link to my trip in Baxter this year. We went the first week of August, and boy you were right about the Northwest Basin trail. It was running water most of the way down. Slipped once the whole trip. No broken bones though. Nothing a little coffee couldn’t cure. Thanks for your insight of that trail as I have always gone the opposite direction in past years.

    Happy Viewing from Moosewalk.

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