New Years Day 2014

We are lucky enough to have this wooded area close to home and enjoy it year round. This Winter has been cold and snowy, just as the Farmer’s Almanac said it would.   Good boots and a sense of adventure required, but a great way to start the new year off.

Finding places close to home that we can enjoy often and without planning isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think of adventure, but maybe it should be.  Getting out the door for a walk keeps the spirits up between trips, both working off some of that steam and stoking the fires towards bigger things.  Trudging through the deep snow also really gets my fires stoked up.  I need to find some better venting layers or remember to go slower.  I’m like a puppy out there though…cruising along following animal tracks and then suddenly realize I’m all sweaty despite the cold.

Today is much colder.  It was -20°f this morning and it looks like we might just get over 0° by noon.  Hard to believe but rain predicted for Monday and then another cold snap.  That means I’ve got some roof raking to do today instead of romping in the woods.  I hope you enjoy these views from my New Years Day hike!

IMG_2247 IMG_2244 IMG_2233 IMG_2232 IMG_2223 IMG_2221 IMG_2215 IMG_2211 IMG_2259

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