January Refreeze

The thaw has given way to Winter once more.  Everything started moving again there for a few days but now that is over.  Things will stick where they are now for a while, but I try to keep moving to avoid that fate.  I pulled on my hiking boots and did a five mile loop that crossed the river twice.  Felt good to be in my walking shoes instead of the big insulated boots.  The temp was about 0°f when I set out but I kept up a good pace and wasn’t bothered other than the ice in my beard.


Some open water remains but won’t last long.


The ice on the dam is amazing to see.


It forms from water in motion and leaves behind solid shapes that hold that motion in place.


It lets you see movement in ways you can’t unless it is held still.


No thousand word essay today.  Such a nice walk in the cold Winter sun has left me feeling quieter.  If these pics don’t do the trick for you then by all means get out there and find yourself a path to travel today

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