Gear Reviews

I have added a new page to the site today in order to keep an updated set of links here to my gear reviews on another site.  It didn’t seem to make sense to duplicate the reviews here and it didn’t make sense to stop writing my reviews there just because I created this site.  They reach a lot more people and do a lot more good there.  So I will keep reviewing there and try to remember to update this page with new links as reviews go up.  You can find this new page via the menu at the top of the site.

Before I buy anything I like to do a lot of research to see how things work for others in the real world.  Most things you have to try for yourself to find if you really like them, but if pretty much everyone is having a bad experience with a product I tend to skip that step heh.  Reading reviews also lets me learn about gear I will probably never have a need for as well as a lot of things I’ll never be able to afford.

Knowing what you are looking for and details of the products you see on the shelf can help you deal with salesmen who attempt to sell you what they want to sell rather than what you need.  It is rare that I run into sales staff who know their wares as well as I do before I go into their store.  The more you know before you step into the store the more likely you are to avoid being sold the wrong gear for your purposes.

So next time you are in the market for gear do yourself the favor of a little research before heading to a store to talk to an “expert”.  Thanks to the Internet there is a lot of information available to us out there if we’re willing to look around.  A little knowledge goes a long way whether down the aisles of your favorite outdoor store or on the path less traveled by


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