Dawn By the River


Took advantage of a chilly morning and headed down to the river. I pulled on my Baffins, dug out my hiking poles and worked my way through the woods crunching icy snow with every step. Ice was trying to form on the river, succeeding a bit on the edges and floating down stream in pieces in the middle. There was near constant chattering as the current tried to pull the ice with it so this sunrise wasn’t the quiet sort. As much as I look forward to mid-winter stealthing in the snow I was glad I wasn’t laying in my tent trying to sleep in with all that racket.

I am still short a few adventure reports from the last few months and I’m already pondering plans for next year. It seems I am like that current and want to just keep going down stream, but standing there listening to the ice this morning reminded me that the seasons change for good reason. A bit of time spent being in one place, being still, being but at rest rather than in motion…these things are part of the cycle too. Resistance matters little, winter’s freeze will come and spring’s thaw too in their own time, we’re just along for the ride.

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