arcticsky1A year ago I started this site as a form of therapy to help me get through trail withdrawal during the long winter months. Sure I was hiking and even camping out in the snow, but lacking the right equipment for extended cold weather adventures I definitely had too much time on my hands. I wasn’t sure exactly what my plans were for the site then so I was able to let it form naturally.

During those first few months there were lots of posts, then thankfully the snow melted and the trails dried so posting became a rarity. Last year was definitely a year of expanding adventures out on the trails. With a theme built around an intended September unassisted Long Trail thru hike I spent a lot of time reworking gear, nutrition and the type of trails I was hiking. Having my knee blow up coming down Zealand changed things up mid-summer and the rest of the year was a series of tests to see how well it was  working. The LT plan went out the window, but that left room for some other adventures.

Some of them brought troubles of their own, but all of them, the family trips and the solo ones, brought such beauty and happiness into my world that even the worst difficulties are nothing to complain about. Ultimately that is what I see this site being about; It’s all so dang beautiful that I just have to share it with people. If it inspires others to get out there or to at least do something to bring adventure into their lives that is great, but if not then at least it remains good therapy for me. Something to carry me over the times I’m not out there and to vent some of that joy I find when I do get out there.

One thing that has surprised me over this year is how quiet blog readers are for the most part. Based on the likes and views statistics I can tell there are people out there actually reading my stuff, or at least looking at the pictures heh, but few people have responded via comments. Personally I love to respond to what others are posting whether it be questions, informational or just appreciation for what they’ve said. Considering bloggers by definition are people with something to say it just strikes me as odd that they don’t seem to interact more. I guess I’m saying, be it here or on other blogs you read; Don’t be so shy, speak up if you have something to say!

When I started the site I said I would give it a year as an experiment and see if I wanted to keep going. The renewal notices came in last month warning me it was drawing near to decision time and I realized the choice had already been made. This site has become an extension of my world that serves a purpose for me if no one else so, for at least one more year, I’ve decided to stick with it.

IMG_2919aThanks for reading or at least looking at the pics 🙂 I’ll be updating the review page soon with a slew of reviews with a mix of gear and food items. Maybe I’ll even get around to finishing up the LNT series, but no promises. Just ordered a new top quilt and am working out plans to build a pulk so hopefully there will be some snow covered paths less traveled to post about soon.

7 thoughts on “Blogiversary

  1. I’m glad to hear it. Your blog is one of the ones that inspired me to return to my dream of thru-hiking the AT, now on target for 2016 Southbound in mid-July start date 🙂 Your experiences are realistically related, and I’ve shared some of your links with other hiking friends. Best wishes in 2015.

    • I want to be inspirational and encourage folks to get out there, but I try to be realistic about how things can be difficult or go wrong as well. Getting yourself through the rough parts can be some of the best parts assuming you get through and that seems especially true for thru hikers.

      Good luck on your AT plans and thanks for letting me know I helped in getting you going. The trail is only going to get more crowded the next few years with the movies coming out so SOBO is probably going to be the only sane option though you’ll still be crossing paths with the bubble headed the other way.

      • That is one of the reasons I chose SOBO, to experience it in a less crowded and more observant of surroundings situation, as well as the fact that I know it will be slow going in the beginning and I’ve never been up in the Northern states. I’ve been on parts of the trail in the South, as I’ve lived there all of my life. I figure the majesty and beauty will motivate me past the initial (permanent?) aches and pains initially 🙂

  2. Great post! I too struggle with the lack of comments sometimes, but like you, love just putting my adventures out there!

    Here’s to a new year my friend!

  3. Congrats on the year of blogging, I’m glad you’re sticking around for another. I’m a month away from my one year blogiversary as well, we’re in this together!

  4. I didn’t realise your blog was so new! Great work. I haven’t reached my blogiversary yet, but don’t have far to go. It’s amazing to reflect on what has happened and how much has changed since I started. Sounds like it’s a bit the same for you.
    I must admit, I’m usually one of those “silent bloggers”. I guess I worry that my comments may not be relevant. Thanks for reminding me how well they are normally recieved!
    Keep up the blogging. I enjoy reading your posts and looking at the pictures (even if I don’t comment!) and have even forwarded one of your family camping posts to a friend of mine who wanted to get out hiking and camping with her little one.

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