Winter’s Last Gasp


The calendar says Spring and we’ve even had a few really warm days, but Winter hasn’t quite given up yet. This past weekend we were visited by some brisk winds along with some nippy temperatures so I thought I’d get out to enjoy the weather.


The winds were of the steady, howling sort most of the night before but quieted down a bit before I headed out. The gusts were still pretty strong and exposed skin was definitely at risk of frostbite despite the mid March date and strong sunshine.


The open expanse of the river gave the wind room to play. Quieter moments were rare and punctuated with walls of blowing snow flowing down river.


But for the strength of the sun it seemed more January than March. Not sure I’d want to test that ice this time of year though. Actually, having watched the way the currents work on this stretch of the Androscoggin I wouldn’t want to cross this part of the river even in January.


Soon this will all be gone, probably in the next few days I’d guess. It was great to have one last chance to get out into this solidly frozen world. Spring brings all manner of joys to the woods, but Winter has its own special happiness to it as well.


Those blasts of cold wind took their toll though and soon I was headed for home. Warm enough when walking, this was no day for lingering too long enjoying the view.  The next few days will likely see this all turn to mud and Spring will officially begin. Time to look forward to the adventures the coming seasons will bring, but also time to think back to all the fun this past Winter has brought us on the paths less traveled by

2 thoughts on “Winter’s Last Gasp

  1. Everyone is always postin there mountain pics and Europe pics. Which don’t get me wrong, are great, but it’s nice to have someone that hikes the trails people think are not “extreme” or in the mountains. I’m in wisconsin so we have hilly terrain, no mountains. But just taking the time to explore you find , see, and experience just the same greater feeling being out. Excited to see what spring brings you, even though I woke up with another four inches of the white stuff again, spring is here.

  2. Having grown up in rural Wisconsin myself I have a great appreciation for just being in the woods. Having explored the terrain in parts of California, Utah, Wyoming, Montana in the past I have an appreciation for mountains and the over sized rivers and lakes found here in Maine are a wonderful place to spend time, but really, just being in the woods is enough to make me happy.

    These pics come from a local woodlot I spend a lot of time in when I’m not off on real adventures. Nature is all around us, waiting to be appreciated. It sounds like you already know that 🙂 Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the post!

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