No posts. No apologies!

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about the lack of posts, but I won’t say I’ve been feeling bad. Here are a few pictures from the three most recent trips. Too busy going on more adventures to do trip reports now so these will have to hold you over until I stay home long enough to catch up.

 Late June Baxter trip with the boys from Texas






July trip with family to Long Pond in BSP



Solo seven day BSP/IAT loop



Just about to head out on another big trip in a few days. Hope you are getting out there too!

4 thoughts on “No posts. No apologies!

  1. Good hearing from you. Glad you aren’t apologizing just keep going. I wouldn’t even catch up. Just pick up where you are when you feel like it.

    I love these photos! It’s beautiful there! Loved your winter photos too.

    I have to tell you that you have inspired me. So has one of your followers, “Mildly Extreme”. I found her blog via a comment she made on your blog a while back. I am getting out much more often after reading your blog and Mildly Extreme’s blog. I was just hanging out here thinking about and wanting to go, but not pushing myself to get started back.

    Reading your blog got me out of the rut. I am going on day hikes and planning camping trips now. It is crazy hot here, humid too and most places I camp are packed with campers who mainly like different things than I like which is peace and quiet. So I am holding on camping until later in August maybe Sept. September can be very hot here too. (I live in South Carolina, even the mountains in SC and NC are pretty hot and humid. Lots of biting creatures too, like mosquitoes.)

    I’m enjoying day hikes and picnics at local state parks. I’ve also been working on my gear. Have gotten a few new items. I’ve been experimenting with camping food recipes too. I have the fever!

    Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!


  2. Wow Terri, that is a great comment to wake up to! So glad that you are getting out there yourself instead of just thinking about it. Building up your gear and your confidence is a good plan before heading out into more wild areas. Sounds like you’re already growing tired of the crowds so I expect you’ll have your own wilderness adventures to share soon. Be safe, have fun, take lots of pictures!

  3. Back again. I’m subscribed to “Good Reads Quote of the Day.” Today it is a Robert Frost quote and a announcement that the poem “The Road Not Taken” was first published 100 years ago today! I felt compelled to share it with you. Let me see if it will paste here:

    “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.”

    Robert Frost

    August 1, 1915: Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken was first published in the Atlantic Monthly 100 years ago today. While the poem works as a metaphor for the weight we put on turning points in our lives, Frost later insisted the verses were simply inspired by a literal walk in the woods.

    End of what appeared on the Good Reads Quote of the Day

    You might also like to know that poem is one of my all-time favorites. I know the following is way out of tradition, but it’s the way I live. I used the poem on my college graduation announcements. An artist friend of mine wrote the whole poem on the front of my announcement in calligraphy. She wrote the graduation info on the inside and I had it printed to mail to friends and family.

    I graduated in 1995 at 38 years old with a geology degree (that university had never had a single mom who was that old get a geology degree according a geology professor that had been there since dirt.). So I was not a traditional college graduate. It was a “road less traveled by,” and it truly made “all the difference” in the way my life unfolded metaphorically speaking. Literally speaking it was a very long walk in the woods!

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