Three Year Blogiversary


Not sure if it seems like more or less than three years since I started this site, but it seems hard to believe. I actually had to check the dates and do the math to be sure. Guess I just don’t think about things like that and they take me by surprise sometimes. The whole experience has been a surprise I’d say and a good one at that. Time at home can be spent thinking about where I’ve been and out on trail I look for things worth sharing here. Not sure what this year’s plans will include, though we were discussing them just this morning. There is talk of another grand family road trip and mutterings have begun in distant places about various escapades that need to be scheduled. I know I’m looking forward to getting out when I can.

To those of you who just come here to look at the pictures I say thank you, but let’s be honest, you looked at the pic and left long ago. To those of you who read all the babbling I do about my little adventures I also say thank you. What I do and how I do it continues to evolve and those of you who’ve been reading since the start are probably as surprised as I am about some of the things I’ve done along the way. Stick around to see what happens next and we’ll find out together.


Lone Stranger

One thought on “Three Year Blogiversary

  1. “Guilty” for loving your pictures. (In my defense, they’re beautiful, so it’s hard not to.) Thank you for three years of New England beauty on my WordPress reader. I hike here in Colorado – a beautiful state – but it’s very cool to get to see the splendor of the US’s northeast coast, something I would never otherwise get to see. Please keep posting! 🙂

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