Finally Some Snow!!!

dsc00701aSnowshoeing with my sweetie is one of my favorite parts of Winter. Another sad year of most every snow being followed by rain and warm weather we had only been out once all year so far.

dsc00703aThankfully a Nor’easter dropped close to two feet on us last week and then a follow up storm brought a few more inches. We’ve managed several trips around the golf course in the last few days and have a pretty good trail broken out now. Of course it is going to be warm all next week, but at least we had some fun out there.

dsc00705aHope you’ve been getting out and enjoying whatever your world has been offering you. I’m working out plans for at least a few days in the mountains next week if real life doesn’t intrude. Enjoy the season while you can because it will be time for mud before you know. With the snow we’ve had in the mountains should be a real mud season this year. I hate being stuck on sidewalks for a few weeks so I hope it doesn’t stretch into a month heh. I have places to go!

4 thoughts on “Finally Some Snow!!!

  1. Love the pictures. We have some snow still left from the storms. We did dodge one bullet as one of the storms moved out and up to you all. I like snow as long as I don ‘t have to drive in it.
    I have to admit I don’t hike in it or walk in unless its too or from work (and the sidewalks are cleared).

  2. I wanted to go snowshoeing but living in the Western Mountains I often felt as if I was under attack by the snow so needless to say every day was spent doing some type of cleanup ~ even during storms. Our deck has approximately 1000 lbs that had to be shoveled by hand.
    This week warm weather is forecasted but I’m sure I’ll get to go at some point. Having a visual problem that made it impossible to see the floor let alone the ground did a number on my leg strength. As a nurse and hiker my legs have always been very strong but from a year of limited use I tend to walk like a weeble. An easy fix now that my vision is being repaired. I’m excited to snowshoe as I broke down and bought a new pair. Mine are from 1998 and the crampons were never very good if I did backcountry. Of course I might not have enough muscular strength to do ascents this year but I’ll be ready come next year. Do you use your trekking poles to snowshoe? I bought snowbaskets for my Lekis when he backcountry but have a clearance pair I’d ss poles for trails etc.

    • I do prefer to use poles even when I’m just out day hiking and really like them when carrying my full winter pack. They help with balance I find and I don’t really use them for pushing off like I do in dry seasons. Most years I put on snow baskets, but haven’t bothered this year. Those baskets are nice in mud season too 🙂

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