Anger Management


Wish I could say I have it mastered, but most every day makes a lie of that. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Some things you carry with you. No amount of conscious acceptance seems to take that anger away either. It waits quietly and then, with a quick flash of razor sharp teeth, announces its continued presence. The heat of it doesn’t seem to fade which seems fitting given its birth in a heat wave that would not end.

What I’ve shared here over the years has always been as honest and positive as I could manage. I just don’t think anything I’d write now would fit that theme because I honestly can’t believe things played out the way they did and seem to be positively POed about that fact at random moments.  Thought I’d make it clear that I’m not dead, just ticked off at the universe. Hopefully that will change for the better. If not, maybe I’ll just post pictures 🙂



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