Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 12 – Starr King to Owls Head

Day 12 started a bit slow. Peakbaggers were heading up as I broke camp and headed down to Jefferson.

First past the golf course.

Then the fishing pond before hitting the corner store deli for a 9am sub

The road walk was pretty enough and I broke out the umbrella for shade.

The Cherry Pond section was amazing once at the pond. The trail over there was rocky and grassy always a bad combo.

The rail trail was hot so I was happy to see the turn on Slide Brook. Then things took some bad turns. First I missed the Owls Head path, then broke a buckle on my pack. The one that holds the bear can.

I rigged some things to hold it and headed up the climb with intent of getting over Martha as well. Instead Owls Head broke me and I had to camp just below the summit as darkness fell. The beast legs had finally met their match. No pics were taken hehe.

One thought on “Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 12 – Starr King to Owls Head

  1. Great pics by the way, that is a beautiful section there. Have you seen any other COHOS thru hikers on your trip yet ?

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