Baldpate Overnight

Function Follows Form

The more time you spend on trail the more you can benefit from a bit of thought about your own personal mechanics. In one last spring training video before my backpacking season kicks into high gear I spend a few minutes focusing on form and how our function on trail is directly related to how we use our bodies. See if taking a little time to think about how you hike can bring you a bit more happiness out there!

Spring Overnight on the Bay of Fundy

Spring Overnight on the Bay of Fundy

Again this is mostly a 34 pic photo dump, but so pretty I had to share them all. Videos will follow you can be sure!

This spot has always been a favorite, but becomes more popular each year. I try to go very early or very late in the season but even in March there were lots of cars in the lot when I arrived. I didn’t see many folks on trail and camped alone, so not too much suffering heh.

OK, now for the pics…

Video : Sunday River Whitecap – A Three Night Winter GLT Adventure

You’ve seen the summit pictures. Now see what it took to get there and back on a Winter backpacking adventure to a place few folks visit with snow on the ground. The video runs a bit under an hour, so grab a snack and appropriate beverage, make sure you are watching in HD and enjoy!