Long Trail Gear List

Packed Gear

Item Weight oz
Pack – Kelty External 80
Pack – Sea To Summit 20l 4.1
Pack – Sea To Summit 13l 3.2
Shelter – MSR Hubba 48
Shelter – homemade paint tarp ground cloth 3.1
Sleep – Therm-a-Rest Ventra Quilt 31.2
Sleep – Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Pad 12
Sleep – Therm-a-Rest Fitted Sheet 6.4
Cook – GSI Tea Kettle 5.8
Cook – MSR Superfly Stove 4.6
Cook – Mug with cover 2.9
Cook – Spork 0.3
First Aid Kit 8.3
50′ Poly cord x 2 4.6
Emergency blanket 2
Packed Clothes – thermal bottom/doubles as sleepwear 8.5
Packed Clothes – light fleece top/doubles as sleepwear 16.5
Packed Clothes – Marmot shell 23
Packed Clothes – Bean down vest 12
Packed Clothes – Extra Under Armour shorts 3.1
Packed Clothes – Extra Smartwool socks 2.8
Packed Clothes – Knit hat 4.3
Packed Clothes – Columbia rain/wind shell 12.5
 Total 299.2

My goal is to keep total weight for everything but base trail wear to 60 lbs.  I’ve allotted 40 lbs for food, fuel and trail water so that leaves me with 20 lbs to work with in terms of my pack and everything else in it.  Right now I’m close to that limit without completing my pack list so this will be a work in progress as the Summer goes on.

The big challenge is being prepared for the weather.  The Green Mountains are notoriously fickle any time of year, but September is really a month of wild cards.  It may be 90°f or snowing and while probably not on the same day the same week is not unheard of.  With no idea of what to expect other than that you’re probably going to see rain more than a few times it is tempting to bring everything.  Since that would definitely go over my weight limit I’m going to have to get creative.  If money was no object this would of course be much easier, but I’m really trying not to put any money into gear this year, at least not for myself,  if I can help it.

I will be updating my offline spreadsheets frequently between now and September, but I’ll try to remember to update this one as well.  Not sure how this puzzle will be resolved but I know I will have to carry whatever the solution turns out to be 🙂

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