Vasque Boot Box Review Published at Trailspace

Follow the link via the picture or the text below to check out a very special review published today at Trailspace. After a series of snow camping adventures this Winter where I put this box through its paces I felt ready to write the definitive review of this modern yet retro bit of gear. Check out the review for all the details, but suffice to say, this box rox!!

A Visit to the Footbinder

A Visit to the Footbinder


An investment in my future on many levels; I began the break in process yesterday. It will be a while before they are ready for the trail as they will take quite some effort to break in. Just wearing them around the house is painful right now. The cobbler who fitted me at their shop in NH said they probably won’t be finished breaking in by the time I wear the first set of soles off, but I’m hoping to have them trail ready by April, at least for day hiking.  If they keep getting more comfortable that’s fine because I have a lot of miles to cover this year.

New pack, new boots and some new trails to explore along with a few old ones I’m sure. Hope to see you out there!