First Cohos Work Trip of the Year

Sorry, but I have fallen way behind on posting videos here on the site for those who aren’t subscribed to my channel. I have been hitting the trail frequently and am busy setting things up for the bigger trips. This one is from earlier in May and is a great look at the Cohos in the early Spring before people are usually out there.

Happy Trails

If you’ve read my posts and seen the videos you may have noticed that I fell in love with the Cohos Trail last year. The two section hikes I did of the hundred miles or so from Canada to Stark were cold, wet and some of the best days of my life! Plans were already in the works to head back to the border and try for a thru hike this year when I heard they were looking for someone to adopt a few miles of trail. When no one else stepped up after a few weeks I decided to take the job myself.

This line isn’t very accurate, but it gives the basic gist of the trail. Leaving from Coleman State Park on the left it follows a snowmobile trail for a short distance before climbing through a recently forested area towards the summit. From there it heads down a short ways to connect with another trail on the way towards the Panorama Shelter. Just a few miles, but its all mine and will make a great excuse to head up to visit it for “work” heh.

Having hiked it last year I’m hopeful it won’t really be too much trouble. Grass will need to be whacked on the snowmobile trail and berry vines whacked in the recently forested section, but there are few areas where blow downs or encroaching branches will need to be cut…I hope. I did scare up a good sized bear on my way through. He flew down the mountain away from me so fast I felt sort of sorry for him. We’ve decided that he is our bear now and I have named him Scooter. We’ll try not to become close friends.

Hope you’ve been getting out or will be soon. If not its time to start making some plans!!