Updated Gear Review Page

I’ve been posting a bit less on the site here because I’ve been spending a lot of time writing up reviews over at Trailspace  Despite another week of Winter here I know it will be time to get outside soon so I’m trying to get last year’s gear written up so I can go out to play when Spring finally arrives!

The Gear Review page here has been updated with links to seven new reviews including Keen Erickson PCT boots,  Smartwool Trekking socks and some nifty little Vivitar binoculars.  Check out the Gear Review page for a list of my reviews with links to the full reviews on Trailspace.   These are all items I’ve bought and used so they are reviewed base on real life experience.  Hopefully you’ll find them useful.


2 thoughts on “Updated Gear Review Page

    • I use a thin liner sock year round to wick any moisture away from my foot and into the outer sock. It also eliminates any friction points. With that set up I’m comfortable using the thick socks in July or January.

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