June Updates Including New Gear Reviews

Busy season is in full swing as evidenced by the lax posting schedule here.  Time trial season on the bike, lots of dehydrating to get a surplus of meals stashed away and even a bit of hiking now and again plus of course the joys of summer yard work and child rearing have my schedule pretty much filled.  I had a feeling this was going to happen so I’ve gotten over it…hope you all are too busy having fun to notice.

I’ve updated the Gear Review page with some recent entries over at Trailspace.  Continuing my theme of more obscure items the updates include some dry whole milk, some poly bags for carrying liquids and a beeswax based leather treatment. Coming reviews include some tiny liquid containers, some ultra light trail running/approach shoes and some summer weight hiking socks, but let’s be honest, those probably won’t be posted for a while heh.

It has been rough scheduling actual trail miles so far this year.  We still have hopes for a few night family trip next week up to Baxter.  Low miles and easy terrain but I’m willing to put up with that if it means a few days of family time in the great outdoors with the only distractions being swarms of murderous black flies and beautiful views.

After that I’m thinking I’d better start getting some ugly miles in if I’m really going to do the LT come fall.  I have some folks coming up for a more strenuous Baxter loop in late July but trying to squeeze either a Grafton or Pemi loop in first.  Going to need all the climbing practice I can get.

Never seems to be enough time and that is because there really isn’t.  That is also what makes it so precious.  This time of year any time not spent out there enjoying it seems a bit wasted.  I have plenty of plans ready though so when a chance comes you can be sure I’ll be on my way.  Get out there yourself if you can find the time and a path less traveled by


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