Snowshoeing With My Sweetie


Sneaking out for a morning snowshoe together after dropping our daughter off at preschool has become a wonderful guilty pleasure this Winter. Seemed a mistake for her to buy these shoes when we had no snow until recently. Now it seems like the best idea ever!


Birches in snow always look nice, but add in some sunshine and it tends to put a smile on a person’s face. We have several different spots we like to go wandering in the snow, but this town woodlot has become a favorite. There are some good hills to get a workout climbing and though we see some tracks we’ve yet to meet anyone out there since the snow fell.


There are several of these old stone walls in this forest. They used to mark property lines and as one of my favorite Frost poems goes; Good fences make good neighbors.


The sight of a broken trail and the sound of crunching snowshoes is lovely of course, but there is just something about the sight of unbroken snow laying in the Winter sun that makes the world seem a peaceful place. I’ve been suffering greatly with the lack of opportunities for Winter camping this year. Thankfully these wonderful hikes in the woods are keeping me from feeling too bad. Getting the chance to take some of them with my wife has made it all the more special. Even I’m willing to share my paths less traveled sometimes!

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