Experimental Kettle Baked Muffin – The Second Attempt

IMG_6184aTaking advantage of a fire we made in the back yard to cook pizzas I did another test muffin last night. I used a bigger fire this time, just coals, but more than the previous test.IMG_6185aI also broke out the new, oversized, silicone muffin mold. As you can see experimental muffin baking is not an exact science and there were a few issues with escaping batter. That was due to an unstable spacing platform under the mold.IMG_6186aYou can see the higher heat did a much better job browning the top of the muffin. I guess twig fires might work if you were willing to work that hard, but a good coal bed seems the way to go. IMG_6190aThat bottom is nicely browned and looking like an actual baked good. The untreated mold released pretty well leaving an easy clean up job and a nicely formed muffin.IMG_6194aHere you can see cause of the problem; the folded aluminum foil spacer was too small to hold the muffin as it baked. Uneven heating made the batter rise more on one side and the muffin tipped over. I either need a bigger spacer or a wider platform on top to act as a tray to hold up the mold as it bakes.IMG_6191aEnough about the failures, lets look at the successes. Out of the mold this baby looks like something a mother would make in the kitchen at home. Nicely browned but not burned and a bit of character to the  uneven top.IMG_6193aInside you can see this time it baked all the way through. Using twice as much batter and the over sized silicone mold results in a nice sized treat. Definitely going to have to find space to carry a few bags of mix on this next trip to do some field testing, but it tasted pretty darn good here at home.

Hitting the trail for a few weeks so the next round of experimental kettle baking will have to wait for a bit, but I have some other ideas I’d like to try out. Bread or biscuits would be nice I’m thinking, maybe with some jam or honey, though they’d be great plain too after a week or two without. Have to ponder how to make an easy sweet roll out of a bag, but that might be pushing it too far heh.

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