Doing a Little Testing

Just wrapping up a set of ten climbs of the water tower hill. I threw a few of the bigger tents and a 20lb ketelbell in the pack to take it up to about 45lbs total. Makes for a nice workout!

Since I was here I thought I would test out my ability to post on the site from out here in the woods with my new phone.

Hmmm heavy pack hill training and remote posting abilities. Almost sounds like I might be thinking of going somewhere…😁

5 thoughts on “Doing a Little Testing

  1. Oh I’m so envious of you. “Something” happened to my left leg in April after I fell over a ball that suddenly rolled in front of me (darn dog😝). Unfortunately I landed on my leg knee only. I had a total knee replacement in my 40s but never think about it as I hike and backcountry snowshoe. That fall did something however that caused some neuro issues in that leg. Difficult to go up 12 steps. Hard to believe I hiked part of the AT in 2015 starting at Katahdin. Since April, docs keep passing me to different docs yet no one had diagnosed the problem. Finally told them all off & got authorization from ins company to go out of state. I’ve beeen “getting my hike on” through your posts and enjoying them immensely.

    • In that case I’m sorry there haven’t been more posts, but I have been too busy going places to have time to keep up the reports. Look for a few more over the next couple of weeks as I try to get caught up just in case I go somewhere 🙂

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