Mansfield 2 the Revenge of the Mama


The reservations have been made so there is no turning back now. We’ve booked a two night stay at the Underhill State Park campground from which to mount our second attempted family assault on Mt Mansfield.

Last year’s amazing adventure came up just short of the summit as we stopped within sight of the crest of the Chin. Mother and daughter astounded me with their determination to reach the top, but the climb had taken a toll. Thankfully some clouds rolled in and I was able to convince them it might rain or they may have insisted on continuing. Good thing because everyone, daddy included, was wiped out by the time we got back to camp.

When Frau Stranger told me she wanted a rematch I was surprised, but happy to oblige. This time we know what we’re getting into. The plan is to bring more food, more water and more legs this time. We’ll get an earlier start so we can have an extra long lunch on top, food and rest tend to be good motivators we find. Hmmm, maybe two lunches heh.

I’m already assuming victory this time because I know how hard my wife has been working to get ready. I have a feeling she will be a great inspiration should we feel a bit weak and might just carry us on her back if we’re slowing her down too much 🙂

Hope you are getting out to enjoy whatever random weather this very random Winter has been throwing at you. Mostly ice here which is no fun, but there is talk of snow tomorrow.  Just because I’m making plans for Summer doesn’t mean I’m ready for Winter to end!

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