Gettin’ While the Gettin’ is Good

DSC02843aThis annoying, on again-off again Winter continues apace. With most of the snow replaced by ice it was time for a reminder of what a joy the season can be if the weather cooperates. A nice dump of heavy, wet snow overnight followed by a bright, sunny day had us racing to pull on our snowshoes.DSC02847aThe breeze was just starting to wiggle the trees enough to shake the snow off the branches. With the dazzling light it really was a beautiful show.DSC02846aWe had fresh snow to trample, but the forecast was ominous with warmth and rain expected in a few days. I guess we could have spent the day inside complaining heh, though a family stomp through the woods seemed the best use of our limited time to enjoy this bit of snow.DSC02839aAs I post this most of it is already gone. With an expected high in the mid 60s today what remains won’t last long. Might be an important lesson here about enjoying what you’ve got when you can because that is about the only chance you get. Might just be prattling a bit so it doesn’t look like I was just posting pics to brag about having fun playing in the snow with the girls.

Hope you’re enjoying what you can when you can too!

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