Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 2 – Deer Mtn SP to Tillotson Shelter

Strawberry granola with powdered milk is a great way to start the day.

It stayed in the 70s all night. Dawn was a pretty pink yet slightly terrifying since I knew what was coming heh. 80s in the morning 80s in the afternoon. Thankfully it is down to 73 now at 8pm.

I got an early start tearing through the Black Cats and the R&J Chaput trails to reach the Second Connecticut dam by 930. After a cheese and sausage break I was ready for the Falls in the River trail.

I don’t see any more pictures in the camera so you’re going to have to wait for the video to see the rest of the day. It wasn’t pretty heh. Well the day was ok but I got pretty ugly. After loading up with water at Coon Brook it took all I had to climb up to the highway and down to Tillotson Hut.

I tried sleeping inside but gave up and put the hammock up. Way too hot in there. Might have to find a snack before bed as tummy seems to be done with dinner and breakfast is a long way off. Only day two and The Hunger is upon me.

One thought on “Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 2 – Deer Mtn SP to Tillotson Shelter

  1. My Gkids used hammocks on our two week hike on the Cohos. I used a bivy under their tarps. Not sure what I’ll do this year.

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