Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 3 – Tillotson Shelter to Lake Francis

Day three’s excitement started around 1am. Thankfully I woke up to notice the fireworks going off to the north in Canada. Amazing lighting show too far to hear at first, then getting closer. I got up, put the tarp up fast and took a quick nap before the rain hit.

It kept raining til 7am and then spit a little. I waited a while to let the trail dry out so got a very late start.

Despite the wet trail I made quick work of the Round Pond trail and was soon on top of Covell Mtn enjoying the view. I usually stop there for a break but I had just stopped at Conversation Rock for a long one.

Great rock for a break even if you don’t have anyone to talk to.
Bear? Seems small but I don’t think it is a dog.

Finished the hard work and was rewarded with the view from Prospect Mtn. Then I walked down to Young’s Store and was rewarded with a cheesesteak heh.

I always stop at this bridge on my way to Lake Francis so I can see the fly fishing derby. There are always a lot of folks working this spot.

Now I have had my bag of lasagna and am laying in my hammock listening to loons and sometimes an owl. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to give me a break and I am happy for that. This has been a really tough start to the hike. It has been a struggle to keep it together but hey…loons!

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