Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 6 – Panorama to Baldhead Shelter

Day 6 started with one last look at the peaceful view before starting one of the harder day’s of the hike for me. Lots of elevation change in dramatic fashion. This day wipes me out usually and ends with the Climb of No Hope.

It starts nice though heh. Gentle toddle up Sanguinary Summit.

Quick view of the sadly non operational resort below.

Then the beauty of Dixville Notch! Of course notches go down and back up heh.

I was soaked in sweat by the time I hit the top on the other side and this wasn’t the hard climb.

It was Saturday and I could see Table Rock was populated with day hikers. I don’t like being out there with people, only feel safe alone, so skipped it this year.

A bit higher up there are no people and a great spot to eat cheese and sausage.

After that I was busy walking and forgot to take pics, sorry.

The Climb of No Hope was no match for my legs this year. Well that and truly refusing to have hope. I was sitting on a log eating a snickers to finish the climb and decided to check my GPS. It said I was at the shelter. Sure enough 5 steps more and I could see it!

Another peaceful view to end the day.

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