Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 5 – Rudy’s to Panorama Shelter

That is actually the end of day 4, but it was too pretty not to share.

Day 5 started with the shortcut back to the Deadwater trail.

This beauty was having breakfast. I felt terrible about interrupting.

I guess it was just that sort of morning because I woke this guy up as I approached Grandview.

They had signs saying they would open tomorrow and there would be sausage and pulled pork. Just my luck to be early.


Then it was time for one of my favorite parts of this hike. The farm is so pretty.

After that was the thankfully boring road walk to Coleman SP. I was nervous walking through the area of last year’s moose incident, but it was peaceful this year.

It was interesting to hike our section of trail without tools. I couldn’t really enjoy it because the raspberries are growing and I have to get to work soon or the trail will be gone.

For now I will just lay here in my hammock behind the Panorama shelter. The water is terrible but the view is great.

This will definitely be the last post for a while. I will be without signal for days.

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