Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 8 – Old Hermit to Devil’s Rest Shelter

Day 8 had rain forecast for the morning and another round in the afternoon. Normally I would aim to have lunch on top of North Percy. Given the thought of going down those slabs wet I set a different goal; don’t break my neck!

Since it wasn’t raining yet I covered ground while I could. The Nash Stream crossing came and I kept rolling entirely forgetting to take pics at Pond Brook Falls.

Still no rain but the humidity was hovering around 400%. A very steamy and fast 4 hours from Old Hermit to the Percy tent site.

Despite flowing water earlier the source here was almost dry. Thankfully I was able to refill because I was out and didn’t want to have to go back.

Then it was up and around Percys North and South without summiting. The views on the way down were a nice consolation.

I raced the rain all day and it never arrived. I was soaked though and nothing was drying in that humidity. Great time to be reaching Stark and a room at the inn with my name on it.

For now though it was another peaceful night on the Cohos. I had camped alone every night except for 2 and had no close neighbors on those unless you count the horses at Rudy’s.

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