Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 9 – Nero

Original as posted from trail:

Pic is from Day 11

Sorry to leave you in suspense but I have been too busy hiking to post. Just enough time to camp and sleep.

I will add pics and story to this post when I can, but wanted to let anyone interested know I have kept heading south.

Updated later:

I had a relaxing morning at Devils Rest, including two cups of coffee. With only a few miles to walk to the Stark Village Inn it was going to be a day of rest and hopefully some eating.

Plenty of time to stop by Christine Lake to enjoy the views. No boaters, no swimmers, just me and a nice morning breeze.

Then it was a road walk with some nice views including the waterfalls below. No pics from the rest of the day, I was doing laundry and getting clean. I enjoyed a nice dinner in town with Nancy and Michael as I always try to do. They are great company and don’t mind if I am focused on my plate.

Babble Back:

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