Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 4 – Lake Francis to Rudy’s Campground

Day 4 started with the grassy walk down the Lake Francis trail. Most of this is above the river and the lake so just a pretty forest walk. It does dip down near shore for a bit.

This brook is near the end. Good spot to fill up for the road ahead.

Cedar Stream led to the Deadwater Loop road which led to the Deadwater trail.

A few ATVs to dodge but the beat up trail was easier on the feet than the road. It would have been a better day if I had known the sign for the shortcut to Rudy’s was gone. I walked almost all the way to Grandview before having to turn back.

Oddly enough a hot shower and a big bag of dinner seemed to solve most of my problems.

Camping in the Fairy Garden might have something to do with that too heh. Many more pics but upload is slow so this will have to do.

Don’t think I will have signal tomorrow and definitely won’t after that. We’ll have to see what pops out on the other side.

3 thoughts on “Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 4 – Lake Francis to Rudy’s Campground

    • It appeared to have been replaced with a shiny new “No Trespass” sign by what is likely a new owner of the property. Not sure what will happen there. I tread lightly and rapidly in both directions and hoped not to be shot heh.

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