Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 12 – Starr King to Owls Head

Day 12 started a bit slow. Peakbaggers were heading up as I broke camp and headed down to Jefferson.

First past the golf course.

Then the fishing pond before hitting the corner store deli for a 9am sub

The road walk was pretty enough and I broke out the umbrella for shade.

The Cherry Pond section was amazing once at the pond. The trail over there was rocky and grassy always a bad combo.

The rail trail was hot so I was happy to see the turn on Slide Brook. Then things took some bad turns. First I missed the Owls Head path, then broke a buckle on my pack. The one that holds the bear can.

I rigged some things to hold it and headed up the climb with intent of getting over Martha as well. Instead Owls Head broke me and I had to camp just below the summit as darkness fell. The beast legs had finally met their match. No pics were taken hehe.

Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 11 – Cabot Mtn to Starr King

Day 11 was a day of many lumps. So many ups and a few downs hitting every bit of the Kilkenny ridge.

Some great ferny sections at elevation. These were cool as a breeze puffed at times.

The need to reach the end to find water and camp seems to have driven me because there aren’t many pics.

I did get these from the top of Waumbek though. If only there was water! I continued on over Starr King and down to find the spring. Then began a long search for a campsite. The forest was thick and it was a while before I found one. I rewarded myself with the only bag of chicken noodle of the entire trip.

Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 10 – Stark to Cabot Mtn

After a breakfast feast at the Stark Village Inn I picked up the trail at the South Pond gate. This looked like a very civilized spot. The last I would see for a while.

I stopped at Unknown Pond for water and a late lunch.

Then it was all climbs up to the Horn, then on to Cabot. The crew working on the Cabot Cabin had all the spots so I pushed on with my heavy load of water from the spring.

I camped near a spot where I could see the next day’s work. Beautiful but scary heh.

Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 9 – Nero

Original as posted from trail:

Pic is from Day 11

Sorry to leave you in suspense but I have been too busy hiking to post. Just enough time to camp and sleep.

I will add pics and story to this post when I can, but wanted to let anyone interested know I have kept heading south.

Updated later:

I had a relaxing morning at Devils Rest, including two cups of coffee. With only a few miles to walk to the Stark Village Inn it was going to be a day of rest and hopefully some eating.

Plenty of time to stop by Christine Lake to enjoy the views. No boaters, no swimmers, just me and a nice morning breeze.

Then it was a road walk with some nice views including the waterfalls below. No pics from the rest of the day, I was doing laundry and getting clean. I enjoyed a nice dinner in town with Nancy and Michael as I always try to do. They are great company and don’t mind if I am focused on my plate.

Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 8 – Old Hermit to Devil’s Rest Shelter

Day 8 had rain forecast for the morning and another round in the afternoon. Normally I would aim to have lunch on top of North Percy. Given the thought of going down those slabs wet I set a different goal; don’t break my neck!

Since it wasn’t raining yet I covered ground while I could. The Nash Stream crossing came and I kept rolling entirely forgetting to take pics at Pond Brook Falls.

Still no rain but the humidity was hovering around 400%. A very steamy and fast 4 hours from Old Hermit to the Percy tent site.

Despite flowing water earlier the source here was almost dry. Thankfully I was able to refill because I was out and didn’t want to have to go back.

Then it was up and around Percys North and South without summiting. The views on the way down were a nice consolation.

I raced the rain all day and it never arrived. I was soaked though and nothing was drying in that humidity. Great time to be reaching Stark and a room at the inn with my name on it.

For now though it was another peaceful night on the Cohos. I had camped alone every night except for 2 and had no close neighbors on those unless you count the horses at Rudy’s.

Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 7 – Baldhead to Old Hermit Shelter

Day 7 started with the confusing descent and climb of Gadwah Notch. It always seems very odd to have to climb to get down the m

Once that was out of the way the rest of the day was all joy. More breeze might have been nice, but you can’t have it all.

The trail through Nash Stream is beautiful and with water at either end great on a hot day.

Then it was a quick stomp up to the Old Hermit shelter for another incredibly peaceful night on the Cohos. A hooting owl was the frosting on that cake.

Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 6 – Panorama to Baldhead Shelter

Day 6 started with one last look at the peaceful view before starting one of the harder day’s of the hike for me. Lots of elevation change in dramatic fashion. This day wipes me out usually and ends with the Climb of No Hope.

It starts nice though heh. Gentle toddle up Sanguinary Summit.

Quick view of the sadly non operational resort below.

Then the beauty of Dixville Notch! Of course notches go down and back up heh.

I was soaked in sweat by the time I hit the top on the other side and this wasn’t the hard climb.

It was Saturday and I could see Table Rock was populated with day hikers. I don’t like being out there with people, only feel safe alone, so skipped it this year.

A bit higher up there are no people and a great spot to eat cheese and sausage.

After that I was busy walking and forgot to take pics, sorry.

The Climb of No Hope was no match for my legs this year. Well that and truly refusing to have hope. I was sitting on a log eating a snickers to finish the climb and decided to check my GPS. It said I was at the shelter. Sure enough 5 steps more and I could see it!

Another peaceful view to end the day.

Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 5 – Rudy’s to Panorama Shelter

That is actually the end of day 4, but it was too pretty not to share.

Day 5 started with the shortcut back to the Deadwater trail.

This beauty was having breakfast. I felt terrible about interrupting.

I guess it was just that sort of morning because I woke this guy up as I approached Grandview.

They had signs saying they would open tomorrow and there would be sausage and pulled pork. Just my luck to be early.


Then it was time for one of my favorite parts of this hike. The farm is so pretty.

After that was the thankfully boring road walk to Coleman SP. I was nervous walking through the area of last year’s moose incident, but it was peaceful this year.

It was interesting to hike our section of trail without tools. I couldn’t really enjoy it because the raspberries are growing and I have to get to work soon or the trail will be gone.

For now I will just lay here in my hammock behind the Panorama shelter. The water is terrible but the view is great.

This will definitely be the last post for a while. I will be without signal for days.

Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 4 – Lake Francis to Rudy’s Campground

Day 4 started with the grassy walk down the Lake Francis trail. Most of this is above the river and the lake so just a pretty forest walk. It does dip down near shore for a bit.

This brook is near the end. Good spot to fill up for the road ahead.

Cedar Stream led to the Deadwater Loop road which led to the Deadwater trail.

A few ATVs to dodge but the beat up trail was easier on the feet than the road. It would have been a better day if I had known the sign for the shortcut to Rudy’s was gone. I walked almost all the way to Grandview before having to turn back.

Oddly enough a hot shower and a big bag of dinner seemed to solve most of my problems.

Camping in the Fairy Garden might have something to do with that too heh. Many more pics but upload is slow so this will have to do.

Don’t think I will have signal tomorrow and definitely won’t after that. We’ll have to see what pops out on the other side.

Cohos SOBO 2021 Day 3 – Tillotson Shelter to Lake Francis

Day three’s excitement started around 1am. Thankfully I woke up to notice the fireworks going off to the north in Canada. Amazing lighting show too far to hear at first, then getting closer. I got up, put the tarp up fast and took a quick nap before the rain hit.

It kept raining til 7am and then spit a little. I waited a while to let the trail dry out so got a very late start.

Despite the wet trail I made quick work of the Round Pond trail and was soon on top of Covell Mtn enjoying the view. I usually stop there for a break but I had just stopped at Conversation Rock for a long one.

Great rock for a break even if you don’t have anyone to talk to.
Bear? Seems small but I don’t think it is a dog.

Finished the hard work and was rewarded with the view from Prospect Mtn. Then I walked down to Young’s Store and was rewarded with a cheesesteak heh.

I always stop at this bridge on my way to Lake Francis so I can see the fly fishing derby. There are always a lot of folks working this spot.

Now I have had my bag of lasagna and am laying in my hammock listening to loons and sometimes an owl. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to give me a break and I am happy for that. This has been a really tough start to the hike. It has been a struggle to keep it together but hey…loons!